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Traditionally Tibetan,

Irrationally Indian!

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... the sauciest of dumplings

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... a fusion sensation!

Momos, a gift from Tibet to the world, have captured the hearts of Indian food enthusiasts. At Messy Momos, we embrace this cultural revolution with a twist of sensational flavour!

We take these adorable dumplings and infuse them with your favourite Indian curries, chutneys & seasonings, creating a culinary experience that will ignite your taste buds!

Our menu also boasts a delightful array of fried rice dishes and unique one-of-a-kind milkshakes!

Welcome to a world where tradition meets innovation, where every bite tells a story, and where we serve the sauciest of dumplings!

- Messy Momos team!

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what’s on our menu?

all our food is freshly made to order





Fusion Momos

8 pieces, leaf fold momos

Veggie - $13

Chicken - $15

Mango Mirchi

a sweet & spicy mango-ginger-chilli glaze!

Sweet Manchoorian

a sweet soya-garlic-cilantro glaze.

Chilli Manchoorian

a spicy chilli garlic glaze with roasted red peppers!


spicy garlic Indo-Chinese sauce - packs a SERIOUS kick!

Gun-powder (dry)

a South Indian style seasoning called "podi" or gun-powder.

Classic Curry Momos

6 pieces β€œClassic” fold Momos simmered in dedcadant Indian curries

Veggie - $14.5

Chicken - $16.5

"Butter Chicken"

a creamy tomato cashew curry sauce! (rich & sweet)

Moilly (South Indian style)

coconut-tomato sauce with tempered mustard seeds & chillies!

Vindaloo (Goa)

spicy red chilli onion gravy with potatoes!

Ala Goa

simmered in a chilli peanut sauce - decadant and spicy!

Malai (Khormas)

Simmered in rich, creamy sauce with roasted cashews & raisins.

Fried Rice

Fresh steamed basmati rice tossed in flavourful mix of veggies

Basmati rice: Aromatic Long-grain rice from the himalayan foothills

Curry Fried Rice

Shredded cabbage, peppers, carrots & peas tossed in a soya-curry-garlic mix with steamed long-grain rice!


Schezwan Fried Rice

Shredded cabbage, peppers & carrots tossed in a SPICY schezwan sauce with steamed long-grain rice!


Coconut Fried Rice

Desiccated coconut tossed in a rich mix of spices, mustard seeds & red chillies, with long-grain rice!







Chicken Tikka





Mango Chutney


Chenna Masala


Butter Chicken Sauce (8oz)


Butter Chicken (8oz)



One-of-kind flavours of freshly spun milkshakes


Sweet cheese, saffron & cardmom flavour!


Masala Chai

Brewed tea flavours, with cinnamon, ginger & nutmeg!



Caramelized carrots, roasted cashews & maple syrup!


Snacks & Sides

... sharing is optional!

Veg Samoas (2 pcs)

Golden pastry triangles stuffed with spiced potatoes & peas!

Served with chutneys


Butter Chicken + rice

The most popular Indian curry in the world, originally from Glasgow, Scottland! Creamy tomato curry, with grilled and marinated chicken breast.


Spring Rolls

5 crisp savoury rolls stuffed with spiced veggies, with 2 chutneys.

Veg: $7.00

Ch: $8.00

White rice (basmati)

Steamed aromatic long-grain rice from the foothills of Himalayas!


Kal Naan

Homemade fluffy wheat bread, baked & grilled on a stone-top oven (aka. Kal).


Mango Lassi

Mango Yogurt Drink - decadant & smooth!



coke. diet coke. Sprite. Ginger Ale. Iced Tea.



Open 7 days a week:

12PM - 930PM




10 Wyman Road.

Waterloo, ON. N2V1K7


1763 Avenue Road.

Toronto, ON. M5M3Y8